Dhipaya Covid-19 Insurance

  • Meet, pay, but not finish, coverage until the end

    Meet, pay, but not finish, coverage until the end


COVID-19 insurance "found, paid but not finished"
1.This insurance plan does not cover COVID-19 infection. Within 14 days from the first effective date of Takaful
2. The above contribution is inclusive of 7% VAT and 0.4% stamp duty.
3. Takaful members, aged between 1 year - 99 years (present year minus year of birth) at the date of the Takaful contract.
4 The Takaful Agreement does not protect people infected. Or a person suspected of being infected "Infectious disease, the COVID-19 virus (Including complications) that were before being a Takaful member and have not been healed
5. Limited to purchase 1 person per Takaful membership amount not exceeding 1 million baht and / or total medical expenses not exceeding 100,000 baht.
6. ** Illness from coma or cerebral mortality and neurological failure or end-stage illness in which a serious illness that doctors have confirmed that there is no cure and / or causes death with cause. Mainly due to infection with the coronavirus
7. Benefits and coverage are subject to terms and conditions of the Takaful COVID-19 Protection Agreement.

Members should understand the details of coverage and conditions every time before deciding to enter into a Takaful contract.


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